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Just over the Slovenian border in Croatia lies an outcrop of land overlooking the Gulf of Triest. What was once a small fishing village is now a dried out sleepy tourist area with a beautiful rocky shoreline and when the light is right, azure waters.

Built by the Savudrian lighthouse, we stayed in what was once a hospital, for Austrian children with respiratory diseases. What is now called Villa Valdepian lies by the shore, painted red and still with many black and white photographs of children from times past on the walls.

The pace is sleepy, the air hot and dry. It’s underdeveloped but not in a friendly and familiar way. The service can be bad, but the Malvaisa wine is cheap and plentiful and there’s always fresh fish on the menu. And Baccala Mantecato, the food of the gods from this part of the world.

I stand developed these negatives, about an hour in Rodial 1+500.  It resulted in this strange white dots on the negative that look like some kind of crystals. No idea what caused it.