Crooked Venice


Tags: #analog #street #travel #xa2

Venice is a city of contrasts. People loath it, people love it. It's choked with tourists and grumpy Venetians, there are lonely hidden corners and fantastic food. And sometimes an acqua alta.

This at then end of the first roll I shot on an Olympus XA-2. A camera designed by the legendary Yoshihisa Maitani, designer of the Pen and OM Olympus caneras. The XA2 was released after the pro quality XA, a true rangefinder, and includes a super sharp fixed 35mm f3.5 lens and zone focus. It's tiny and has a near silent shutter.

What I don't love about the XA2 is that I have pretty big hands, and my finder occasionally drifted in front of the lens. The zone focussing system works well, though always defaults to the middle setting when you slide open the lens cap.