Rote Wand, Red Filter, Hochschwab


Tags: #ilford fp4 #landscape #olympus om2n #rodinal

I spent the last two weekends hiking the Rote Wand and the Hochschwab with my Olympus O2Mn and three primes (28mm, 50mm, 135mm). The weather was not kind on either weekend. I was hoping for some beautiful dramatic skies but was only gifted with rain and grey. All shot on Ilford FP4 Plus with an R60 red filter. Developed in Ronidal 1+50 for 15 mins at 20 degrees. The negatives have a really harsh look and more grain than I’m used to for HP4. I’m not sure if it’s the Rodinal or the red filter (probably both).

Misty and raining as we climbed through the forest leading to the Red Wall. Searching for mushrooms. But just as we reached the top, the sky cleared.

The Hochschwab is the highest mountain in Steiermark (Styria) Austria at 2,27m. This time we were spending overnight in a hut about 30mins from the peak.